EEqualsWhy Philosophy

E is for Expression, Execution, Engagement and I believe these are the key qualities WHY leaders are successful.

I have 3 core beliefs that have guided me through my life and career:

  • People already have the ideas/vision/goals – they just need help putting structure around it and figuring out what the steps are to get there
  • People crave engagement – they want to be inspired, valued, recognized and ultimately part of something big, however each person’s motivation varies
  • Change is never easy – it requires accountability, repetition and the ability to overcome fear.

Below are the key Leadership Qualities further explained

  • Expression – ability to articulate the end goal and WHY it matters
  • Execution – ability to define milestones, measure progress and provide accountability
  • Engagement – ability to earn trust and loyalty of people
    • Empathy – do you know what it is like to walk in their shoes?
    • Enablement – do you provide what they need to be successful?
    • Encouragement – do you remove barriers and recognize success?
    • Emotional Intelligence – do you provide transparency and feedback?