Welcome to E Equals Why

Hello, I am Kathy Eastwood. Throughout my life, I have been helping friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers to recognize what they are passionate about and develop plans to make them happen. I strongly believe most people already know what they want to accomplish. No one can tell you what you should do.  We just struggle articulating it or figuring out how to make it happen.  Whether it is fear, lack of time, focus, or attention to detail that keeps us from making progress, I know with a little encouragement, enablement and discipline we can all make progress.

I recently started my own consulting firm, E Equals Why. My mission is to inspire and enable individuals and organizations to realize their goals.  I strongly believe that if you can explain WHY you are doing something, you can quickly help people engage with you, rather than constantly questioning your intentions.

WHY did I start this consulting firm?

I consider everyone to be a leader.  My passion is to inspire and enable leaders and organizations to realize their dreams and goals.  I wanted to provide services, like executive coaching, advisory services, assessments and operational support to help express, execute and engage teams.

WHY did I name it E Equals Why?

I spent time figuring out why some people are more successful than others.  I believe there are numerous skills (Expression, Execution and Engagement), as well as, qualities (Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Empowerment, and Encouragement) that drive success.  Thus, these skills and qualities are WHY someone is successful.  Oh, and do I need to mention that my surname is Eastwood?!?

WHY do I believe I bring value to my offerings?

=>I am a seasoned executive with more than 20 years in the Enterprise Management Software business; selling, building and supporting software that enables organizations to build, manage, monitor, and optimize their infrastructure, applications and cloud.

=>I have experience across all functions within a company providing me the unique advantage of understanding the requirements of each team, such as; Human Resources, Operations, Sales, Pre-sales, SaaS, Services, Support, Customer Success, Project Management, Engineering, Product Management, Enablement, Finance and Marketing.

=>I have stepped into businesses that had declining revenue which required intense analysis to understand WHY and the implementation of improvements related to: portfolio rationalization, customer buy-in/adoption, go-to-market designs, organizational design, operational efficiency and effectiveness, financial accountability (reporting, budgeting, profitability), lead generation, talent management, professional service profitability, shift to SaaS, and support renewal rates. I understand the pitfalls to avoid, as well as how to improve when necessary.

=>I have the unique capability to quickly evaluate a situation, envision success, create a plan, engage the team, execute, evaluate the results and hold people accountable until success is realized.

=>My strong interpersonal skills help bring people and ideas together, as well as establish trust quickly through listening, asking difficult questions, demonstrating empathy, and following through on my commitments.

=>I am a strong leader that truly believes all people are good and just need a little encouragement to shine.

On this website, you will be able to learn more about my philosophy, my offerings as well as my musings about life which started during my break from Corporate America.  I realized that I had been focused on helping others and neglected my own self-development.  As I talked to others, I was reminded that I am a good listener, I ask the tough questions, I challenge the status quo, I laugh in the face of fear and I tell good stories that make people laugh (and cry). For every trophy, award, kudos I received I have an equal number of mistakes or opportunities for improvement.  I like to use these experiences, both personally and professionally to help me relate to others and ultimately motivate them.

Please join me as we explore the realm of possibilities.