My personal mission is to inspire and enable people to reach their goals.  I strongly believe that if you can express WHY you are doing something, you can quickly help people engage with you, and execute on your goals.  I created E Equals Why to expand my mission beyond friends, family and colleagues to inspire and enable all individuals, teams, and enterprises to unlock their potential.

E Equals Why inspires and enables all types of leaders to unlock their potential personally and professionally through a dynamic, reusable, data driven framework – E3.  We are a team of experts with the experience and tools to help leaders and their organization get things done. We strongly believe that self-aware, engaged and diverse individuals fuel that success.

WHY did I start this company?

Companies are asking employees to do more with less because they need to deliver better profit back to investors.  As companies squeeze, employees become less engaged.  According to the 2018 Gallup Survey:  Nearly 7 in 10 employees worldwide are either not engaged or are actively disengaged in their job. They lack passion for their roles and don’t care to innovate, create, or put anything more into their jobs than the bare minimum.  It creates a vicious cycle; individuals, teams and organizations cannot thrive, grow or leave a legacy if the people are not engaged and motivated.  E Equals Why is focused on breaking that cycle.  Each of us can focus on our own WHY and use that as a guide to drive more engagement and success personally and professionally.

WHY did I name it E Equals Why?

Change is hard, research tells us that 92% of all goals are not met. What do the 8% do differently?  They apply three simple principles (E3: Expression, Execution and Engagement), coupled with self-awareness, discipline and training to achieve results.  E3 is WHY you will be successful. Oh, and do I need to mention that my surname is Eastwood?!?


I am an accomplished executive with over 25 years of progressive experience in driving success through strategic business planning, operational efficiency and employee engagement in both large corporations, as well as, small privately-owned businesses. I have held various leadership roles in Human Resources, Operations, Finance, Sales, SaaS, Services, Customer Success, Project Management, Marketing and Engineering. Often described as a nurturing driver I know how to successfully gets things done through strong employee engagement.

I have stepped into businesses that had declining revenue which required intense analysis to understand WHY and the implementation of improvements related to: portfolio rationalization, customer buy-in/adoption, go-to-market designs, organizational design, operational efficiency and effectiveness, financial accountability (reporting, budgeting, profitability), lead generation, talent management, professional service profitability, shift to SaaS, and support renewal rates. I understand the pitfalls to avoid, as well as how to improve when necessary.

I am a strong leader that truly believes all people are good and just need a little encouragement to shine.  My strong interpersonal skills help bring people and ideas together, as well as establish trust quickly through listening, asking difficult questions, demonstrating empathy, and following through on my commitments.

I am a good listener, I ask the tough questions, I challenge the status quo, I laugh in the face of fear and I tell good stories that make people laugh (and cry). For every trophy, award, kudos I received I have an equal number of mistakes or opportunities for improvement.  I like to use these experiences, both personally and professionally to help me relate to others and ultimately motivate others.

Please join me as we explore the realm of possibilities.